1. The Veranda at Arca South

  2. The Veranda Amenity Garden

  3. The Veranda Swimming Pool

  4. The Veranda Atrium


The Veranda at Arca South - Building Features

Alveo Land continues to challenge the limits to innovation as it introduces the latest technology in condominium development-the Aeroflux System. From the Latin words aero (air), flux (fluidity) and lux (light), the Aeroflux System revolutionizes living in the metro as it creates breathable and naturally illuminated spaces maximizing air circulation and natural light dispersion.

The Veranda at Arca South

Fresh air enters residential units through exterior windows and exits through the windows facing the hallway. Operable windows using the center pivot system doubles the amount of air coming in and out, allowing for adequate air passage. Window size accommodates pressure gradients enabling favorable wind via cross ventilation within units.

Fresh air enters through additional notches throughout the building, creating a difference in air pressure within the atriums. This encourages cool air circulation as warm air is pushed towards the atrium roof and out through the exhaust and louvers.

Aside from maximizing the potential for natural ventilation, Aeroflux System also allows sunlight to permeate the building through the atrium cap and the additional window and glass box treatment of residential unit doors.

The Veranda at Arca South

The Veranda at Arca South

The Veranda at Arca South

The Veranda at Arca South Alveo Land signature single-loaded corridor layout where units open up to a landscaped garden atrium instead of a neighboring door.

This single-loaded hallway layout feature strengthens privacy, convenience, and freedom of movement as itmakes appoint that the residents still get to experience an excitement air while enjoying the luxury of space.

Further, the atriums give a refreshing sanctuary of greens inside the buildings, creating a nature-inspired community.

Efficiency Features
  • Maximized natural lighting and ventilation
  • Natural ventilated elevator lobbies and hallways
  • LED lighting at the main lobby

Access and Services
  • 2 passenger elevator per tower
  • Provision for building maintenance unit
  • Garbage disposal system
  Safety and Security Features
  • Heat and fire detection, alarm and sprinkler system
  • Water reservoir and separate fire reserves
  • 24-hour building security and building maintenance
  • CCTV cameras in critical areas
  • RFID for identifies security access points
  • Fire exit door contacts
  • Proximity card for elevator access
  • Automatic stand-by generator system

The Veranda at Arca South

Arca South

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